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Western Boots Repair

For our customers who live in their cowboy boots, the Western Boot Repair is the answer to restore their favorites and is offered at $90. The Western Boots Repair includes new full super-prime leather soles, leather heel bases, Vibram rubber heel toplifts, and leather heel pads for added comfort. All Western boot work is done by hand, by bootmakers who have mastered this highly specialized craft. As with all NuShoe packages, the upper leather is refinished and conditioned to restore the original color and luster. Finally a Kiwi wax polish tin in your boot color is included for polishing your Western Boots at home.


NuCraft Western



Western Boots Repair



The Western NuCraft is the ultimate in handcrafted boot renewal for those who truly appreciate the personal fit and comfort of a broken-in western boot. All aspects of the boot are included in this NuCraft, including any custom stitching or welt work needed to restore the boot to like-new quality. Finally, your boot is custom fitted with aromatic cedar boot trees to preserve the shape of the upper and absorb moisture after wear.

  • Super-prime Full Leather Soles
  • 360˚ Welt (as needed on shoes with welt construction)
  • New Leather Heel Base
  • Any Custom Fitting Including:
    • Replace Heel Liner
    • Rebind Heel Counter
    • Miscellaneous Stitching
  • Refinish and Condition of Upper Leather
  • Hand Polished and Buffed

Available Accessories

  • Cedar Shoe Trees ($25 value)
  • Protective soles for any leather-soled boot for $15



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