Haix is an American and European company that makes firefighter boots as well as other footwear for professionals. The company has been around for over 60 years, since 1948 when it was founded by Xaver Haimerl. Haix became well known throughout North America after 1992 when Ewald Haimerl introduced his line of firefighting boots. Ewald Haimerl was both a firefighter and shoemaker so he was equipped to develop a great line of boots for firefighters. The following year, Haix expanded and bagan to make boots for law enforcement and outdoor workers, in addition to firefighters. The quality product drew in customers and by 1999 Haix was producing 100,000 pairs of boots annually. Three years later the sales had sky rocketed to 250,000 pairs. Over the next few years, Haix opened both factories and distributing centers in North America and Europe. The sales continued to grow and by 2004 the company was producing 400,000 pairs of boots annually, catering to both North American and European customers. Currently, Haix is producing 600,000 pairs of boots a year, the majority of which are firefighting boots.

The reason for Haix’s popularity and success is the quality of the workmanship as well as the specialty products. Haix makes seven varieties of men’s firefighting boots as well as a women’s version of each of those seven types. Each of the types of boot is specially designed for specific operational areas, such as wild land firefighting, structural firefighting or Hazmat. The boots differ in terms of their materials, comfort and special features. The firefighting boots come in a wide range of sizes, from size 5 to 16, and even come in half sizes to ensure a perfect fit for each and every user.

Haix also makes twelve varieties of law enforcement, or police boots. As with the firefighting boots, the law enforcement boots are designed for specific situations. There are several styles for regular patrol or SWAT teams but there are also specialty styles like the Airpower P9 Desert, which is designed for warm climates and has maximum breathability. Law enforcement boots also come in a wide range of sizes and many come in various widths as well.

A third line of Haix boots is designed for EMS workers or anybody in a line of work that involves saving lives and working in emergency situations. There are four types of boots in this category, including one designed specifically for women.

Finally, Haix makes four kinds of hunting boots, which are all waterproof and breathable. These also come in a variety of sizes, although the size range is not quite as large as it is for the other lines of boots.

In addition to the many varieties of boots, Haix also sells many accessories designed specifically for their products. Laces, shoe polish, shoehorns, and insoles are all offered for sale with the boots as well as zippers that can be added to the firefighting boots. The zippers enable the firefighters to take their boots on and off very quickly, which can be imperative in emergency situations.

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