Altama is a combat boot manufacturer based in the United States. The company has been making military boots since 1969 when it was founded in Darien, Georgia. During the Vietnam war, Altama began to specialize in olive drab jungle boots which were used by the soldiers. Altama now makes boots for the U.S. military as well as military schools, Special Forces, uniform shops and federal, state and local agencies. More recently, Altama has started making combat boots for civilians as well, and the popularity was been ever increasing. Altama has been the leading manufacturer of military boots since it started production more than forty years ago. The following article will outline the basics of Altama, who they are, what they stand for, and some of the products they manufacture.

Altama is innovative in its military footwear, offering cutting edge technology such as Ripple Sole boots and the Hoplite series. These are very popular amongst the army and the air force. Some of Altama’s other popular lines of footwear include The LITESpeed, EXOSpeed II and Ortho-TacX Series, all of which are designed for law enforcement of public safety workers. Recently, Altama has introduced a brand new line, the Panamoc. The Panamoc is a line of footwear designed for military personnel to wear when they do not require boots or when they are off duty. This line of shoes used some of the same technology and design elements as the combat boots but provides more comfort during the times when boots are not necessary. The Panamoc shoes come in ten different styles to please both men and women in the military and can, of course, be worn by civilians as well. Altama also has a children’s line of combat boots, which come in three colors (sage, olive, and tan) and are available in all youth sizes.

Altama’s website is very convenient and easy to use if you are looking to purchase online. The website describes each and every product and shows which sizes are available. It also organizes the products in two ways: by product line and by activity. The activity tab is very useful as you can choose whether you need boots for camping, hiking, canoeing, wet terrain, etc. and you can also choose whether the boots you are looking for should be uniform approved. Another interesting feature on the website is the comparison tab. You can compare up to three pairs of boots, and see how they differ in terms of their features and price.

If you already have a pair of Altama boots you likely want them to last. Although they are made with quality materials and craftsmanship, footwear will always wear out eventually. That’s why there is a certified shoe renewal company that can re-sole and renew your Altama boots for a very affordable price. Nushoe is an internet based company that allows you to send in your worn out or broken Altama boots and have them repaired within a few weeks.

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